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Car mats are one of the most utilized car accessories in India. They add an extra comfort to the interior and at the same time helps in keeping the car clean. There are many car mat manufacturers, but few of them have moved to the next level of car mats known as 5D & 7D mats. Not many 5D & 7D car mats manufacturers in India have gained the market yet.

But at KK Motors, we are working towards a new initiative of making them popular. The problem till today was that there was not a connection between the suppliers and manufacturers. However, now with KK motors, as a retailer, supplier or seller you have the option to buy these 5D & 7D mats mats at a great price and increase your product portfolio. Using advanced laser technology, carpet offers total protection for your car, not only to protect the floor of your car, but also for the deck and sides. It helps you keep yourself clean even in the worst weather conditions. A perfect fit is provided by measuring the interior of the vehicle.

Why 5D & 7D Mats?

The 5D & 7D mats do not trap the brake and the accelerator and the bottom layer uses a burr that has a non-slip action, making driving safer. Its 5 layers high-quality PU leather, high-density sponge, non-woven fabric, ecological XPE non-slip layer and middle layer, with a thickness of 12 mm, very soft and comfortable there. Also, its install and remove is quick without use of any tool. When the time comes to clean, use a wet towel or water to easily remove the stain. We deal with Kingsway 5D & 7D car mats suppliers and these car mats are designed to fit the floor of the car with ease. All 5D & 7D car mats are designed to custom fit individual car models. They are not manufactured in a few shapes and designs. The material used for 5D & 7D mats is of the finest quality with the right odour suitable for car interiors. These materials are also water resistant. The fibre texture of the material gives a classy feel. These are more durable than regular mats. The raised 5D & 7D designs of these mats are useful in managing water spills, dust, etc. It keeps them intact in the mat and thus protects the car from any damage. 5D & 7D mats are easily washable with normal soap, detergent, and water. This material is environment-friendly and non-toxic.

Why KK Motors?

If you are a genuine car accessories seller, then do contact our team as we are the leading car accessories B2B partner in India. We can assure you that our authentic products will not leave any window of disappointment. We deal with the biggest 5D & 7D car mats manufacturers in India, and both our quality and services remain unmatched. We are not just the leading B2B online sellers in India, but the leaders in the Indian export market too.

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